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Heavy Duty Production Pressure Equipment
Direct pressure abrasive blast systems clean 3-5 times as fast as conventional suction venturi systems. Unlike the venturi principle that requires a substantial stream of air passing over an opening to draw some abrasive (like how a carburetor works), pressure units PUSH an abrasive mixture that is already mixed with air. The result is a concentrated, uniform blast that will abrade a surface better and faster than a venturi system.

Pressure blast machines have a much broader operation range - the venturi principle allows blasting only down to about 30 PSI, while an efficient direct pressure system with the right controls can blast effectively down to 20 PSI or less for delicate applications.

Pressure systems are effective from greater distances - a venturi gun must be held very close to the work 2-6"; a pressure nozzle is still quite effective from distances of 12" or 24" - that translates to less turning of big parts and the ability to blast down into long tubes or parts.
36 x 24P - DC4
36 x 24P - DC4
Pressure Model Dust Collector
36 x 24P - DC4 400 cfm
36 x 36P - DC4 400 cfm
48 x 36P - DC7 700 cfm
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